Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How long does it take for my medications to arrive?

Medications will arrive within 72 business hours of receiving medication and billing information.

What information is required to participate in the Meds2Home program?

After completing the participation form or the patient referral form one of our customer care representatives will contact the appropriate parties for more information that would include:

  • Contact information for your prescribers/doctors
  • List of current medications
  • Payment method
  • Medication insurance information
  • Name and location of current pharmacy
How does Meds2Home work?

The process is simple. After a patient signs up for Meds2Home, his or her healthcare provider electronically transmits prescription orders to Grane Rx. Medications are dispensed and packaged, then delivered directly to the patient’s home. No trips to the pharmacy are necessary.

Is there a long-term commitment with the Meds2Home program?

There is no long-term commitment to Meds2Home, but we prefer that patients remain on program for 90 days and then reevaluate our program.

If I am not satisfied, how do I disenroll?

Simply just call our customer service team to discuss that you are interested in discontinuing the program. We will transfer your prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

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