Frequently Asked Questions

Billing & Insurance

What insurance plans do you accept?

Grane Rx participates with most major insurance plans, including many Medicare Part D plans and commercial insurance plans. We directly bill insurance providers for prescriptions and bill customers for their copayments.

How much will my copays be?

Copayments are set by your insurance provider—and you’ll typically continue to pay the same amount you paid at your previous pharmacy. Be aware that if you’re currently receiving a 90-day supply of medication from your insurance’s preferred provider, your copay may be slightly higher with Meds2Home.

Because a number of factors are involved in setting your copay, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to learn your copay on each of your medications for a 30-day supply.

Is there a charge for the program?

There is no additional charge to use Meds2Home. You will pay only for the cost of copayments for your prescription medications and any medications, such as over-the-counter items, that are not covered by your insurance.

How does billing work?

We charge your credit cards for any co-pays and non-prescription medications added to your order before we ship medications. We will notify you 1 week prior to making any charges on your credit card.

How much do over-the-counter items cost?

We provide comparable pricing to your local pharmacy and these items will be packaged as part of your daily medication routine so we will take the guess work out of remembering when and if you took your medications.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can use your FSA, HSA, or credit card as acceptable forms of payment. If you have any other questions please call 888-968-3604 and press #4 to be directed to our billing department.

Do you accept discount cards?

We do not accept discount cards.

Is there a long-term commitment with the Meds2Home program?

There is no long-term commitment to Meds2Home, but we prefer that patients remain on program for 90 days and then reevaluate our program.

Will I be charged for shipping?

No, you do not pay for the monthly shipping as a Grane Rx Meds2Home customer.

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