Frequently Asked Questions


How are insurance prior authorizations handled?

If a prescription needs an insurance prior authorization, our customer service representatives will work closely with your doctor and insurance company to get the approvals. In the event that additional information is needed we will contact you or your doctor will reach out to you directly.

Who is responsible to coordinate my refills so they are on time?

Thirty days prior to any expiration on a prescription, we will contact your doctor to request a refill. If there are any questions please call our customer service group at 888-968-3604 and press #1.

What if I have prescriptions with multiple doctors?

We ask that you provide your doctors with our pharmacy information so we can receive any new or refill prescriptions. Our customer service team will coordinate with them if there are any additional questions.

How does the pharmacy contact your doctor for refills?

For refill requests, we call, fax or receive electronic prescriptions directly from your doctor.

Is there a charge for the program?

There is no charge to use Meds2Home. You will pay only for the cost of copayments for your prescription medications and any medications, such as over-the-counter drugs, that are not covered by your insurance.

How are medications packaged?

Medications are placed in a safe, easy-to-use, compliant packaging system called SimplePacks. SimplePacks arrive in color-coded boxes that clearly identify which medications are to be taken routinely on an everyday basis and which are to be taken on an as-needed basis. Within those boxes, medications are placed into perforated packaging that groups medications by the time of day they are to be taken: morning, noon, evening or bedtime.

Medications are also packaged with educational tools, including a calendar, that helps patients understand when and how to take their medications.

How will you know what medications to send?

Grane Rx communicates directly with your provider to ensure your medication regimen remains up-to-date. As medications are added or omitted by your physician, we’ll make the adjustment to your prescription order.

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