Frequently Asked Questions

Medication & Management

How will you know what medications to send?

Grane Rx communicates directly with you to ensure your medication regimen remains up-to-date. As medications are added or omitted by your physician, we’ll make the adjustment to your medication list.

What should I do with new prescriptions?
Your doctor can ePrescribe, call, or fax us directly. We will send out an interim supply until your next Meds2Home shipment is sent out. If a medication is needed immediately, like an antibiotic, we recommend that you should fill that at your local retail pharmacy.
What if my prescription is changed in anyway?

Your doctor can send us the new prescription to Grane Rx either electronically, phone 888-968-3604 and press #3. We will send out an interim supply until your next Meds2Home shipment is sent out.

Can the pharmacy provide diabetic testing supplies like test strips?

No this is a part B covered service and we do not take Part B.

Do you automatically substitute medications for brand and genetic medications?

The doctor needs to specifically request the brand or generic drug on the prescription. The customer service team can contact the doctor on behalf of the patient but any change on the prescription must come from the doctor.

Do you send controlled medications?

We can fill schedule II, III, IV and V medications in your SimplePacks. These prescriptions will require a signature upon delivery.

Can you send vitamins in my Meds2Home delivery?

Yes we can include vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter medications. These can be added through talking with our customer service team at 888-968-3604 and press #1 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist.

How do we handle medications that are taken on an As-Needed basis?

We will provide As-Needed medications in a Red colored box so it is easy for you to identify these medications.

Can you include inhalers, creams and other non-pill form medications in our shipments?

Yes we can ship inhalers, creams, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and refrigerated medications like insulin.

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